Australian National Radio program on the History and Ethics of Zoos

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Washington Post piece on Specimen Collection

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NPR piece on Assisted Colonization

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Utah Public Radio show on After Preservation

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New Yorker piece featuring After Preservation

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NPR Report on the collecting debate on Morning Edition

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The Christian Science Monitor report on the collecting issue



The American Scholar column on scientific collecting debate


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Frontline: Extinction v. Climate

Mother Jones —There’s a new frontline on the battlefield between the two baddest armies of environmental change—global warming and biodiversity loss. The question is whether or not to relocate endangered species to ecosystems they’ve never inhabited in order to save them from the real or predicted loss of their natural ecosystems from climate change.

Climate Change Forcing a ‘Move It or Lose It’ Approach to Species Conservation?

ScienceDaily — What does it take to save a species in the 21st century? The specter of climate change, with predicted losses to biodiversity as high as 35 percent, has some scientists and managers considering taking their conservation strategies on the road. 101001144209.htm

On the Origin (and Fate) of Species

Dot Earth.